Inflatable Camping Pillow

$15.99 Regular Price
$8.00Sale Price
  • Premium Interior Case : The inner bag is made of elastic polyster ,water resistant and scratch proof ! Coated with TPU material that can stay soft in severe cold condition so to prevent cracking !
  • Velvet Detachable Pillowcase : Not cotton ,not simple plastic surface ,with selected superior velvet fabrics, you get a soft and comfortable touch.
  • Ergonomic Natrual Curved Design : No stiff neck and sore back ! This camping pillow features the natural curve shape of the spine. Two grooves in the center will support your head and relif the neck pain.
  • Easy Quick Inflation and Deflation: Super seal and large diameter air valve design, easily rapid inflated by the mouth with approximatly 3-5 breaths . A second quick deflation by lightly pressing the button .
  • Lightweight ,Handy : This compressible inflatable travel air pillow can be deflated and folded into 5*2inch, a size smaller than a soda can which can be fitted easily into your pocket ,carried in the backpack .

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